Nov 30 2014

Christmas is coming!

Lots of fun work this week, thanks for looking!

Nov 23 2014

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Nov 21 2014

Another great week…

Thanks to everyone who came in this week!  Christmas is quickly approaching, if you’d like to get some work done before then book in ASAP as I’ve only got a few spaces left.  Thanks for looking!

Nov 16 2014

New category added to website!

I’ve added a new section to the right:  Dot, Line and Geometric Tattoos.  All dot work, line work and geometric tattoos will now have their own page.  Here’s some work from this week, thank you for looking!

Nov 9 2014

Finished the week with these…

Thanks for coming in everyone.

Nov 5 2014

Some new work from the past 2 weeks

Great fun the past 2 weeks, thanks for looking!