About Joe

I began drawing at a young age due to not having a TV to sit in front of as my brother and I were growing up. My dad was always painting our motorcycle helmets, motocross bikes and our dragster so I was always seeing some type of artwork going on. As a kid I was a hardcore fan of "Cartoons" magazine, a magazine dedicated to cartoons/drawings and artwork of hot rods. I still have a folder filled with various cars I drew from this influence. In 1987 I joined the Navy and began to learn some discipline and travel a bit. I was always the joker who would draw cartoons at someone's misfortune from the day before...often getting into trouble for stating the painful truth. My brother began tattooing around 1992 and taught my dad around 1994. I was interested in learning the trade and after returning from a 6-month deployment with a Bomb Disposal Team they gave me a big supply of tattoo equipment and an apprenticeship. From there I went back home to San Diego and began tattooing my friends and other guys in the military. My first few tattoos were nerve racking but being in the Navy, I had plenty of people waiting to get worked on and became confident pretty quick. For 11 years I took my mobile tattoo shop everywhere I went with the Navy, including Iraq where I set up shop in our Bomb Disposal shop with SEAL Team 5. When we weren't out catching bad guys and knucklehead terrorists I could be found tattooing the guys. It definitely kept our minds from thinking about being shot at and shooting people. In November 2007 I said goodbye to the Navy and retired, moving with my family to Sydney Australia. I began working at Manly Tattoo in December 2007 and moved to Dee Why Tattoo when it opened on January 18, 2008 as manager and tattoo artist. My favorite styles are Dotwork/blackwork, Old-School/Traditional and Japanese. JK Joe Kintz Tattoos